Commercial & Offices


Barsha Hotel - Dubai

When a great concept meets refinement, a five star hotel is born. The luxurious tone of the project is reflected in the design inside out.


Its good location was stressed upon through the glass oval shape reproducing the intersection of the two main streets.


The grandiosity is emphasized by the structural elements that frame the glass shape, making a clear statement of magnificence and strong sense of presence. The shapes and variations of sharp and smooth edges that form the fa├žade, create a sense of harmony since they are all combined in a smart way forming a building unique of its kind.


These concepts are also visible in the interior of the hotel, where huge double spaced hallways welcome the visitors. They instantly feel at ease in a spacious yet cozy atmosphere, where warm colors are used.


The panoramic lifts create a sense of a vertical link between all the floors and the main entrance.