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Cultural Center - Erbil

The design of this building is inspired from the forms of the architectural buildings of the surroundings, which symbolize the rise of Erbil city. The main shape of the three superposed floors is a clear identification of positive and negative green spaces.

This project is a 3 floors cultural center that hosts many functions such as an administration, a meeting room, a conference hall etc. There is also a covered cinema located outside of the main building; to which we provided a protective canopy.

The cinema is facing a beautiful waterfall that adds a special touch to this unique project. The materials used and the shape of the different elements, that form an integral part of the buildings, add a creative design distinguishing it from the rest.

The roof is elevated from the building providing ventilation against high temperatures. Beautiful landscaping and water fountains add a magical touch to this utterly creative project making it a unique structure of its kind and making us win first place.