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Dancing Queen Tower - Lebanon

Our Skyscraper is dedicated to unifying the Lebanese population through music, creating energy through movement and best of all providing a safe and unique experience where everyone can have a good time. These were the main ideas behind our concept. The result is a tower dedicated to music, with its top floor as a huge nightclub, where energy is collected from its dance floor, made out of piezo-electric materials, due to the dancers’ movements.


The design of the tower is inspired by the shape of the music note and rotates towards the sun, embracing the viewand its location all the while being interconnected by steel elements emerging from the sea enhancing its movement.


The skyscraper hosts a multitude of restaurants, pubs and clubs within its main core, and various other ones such as: exhibition rooms for different types of arts, concert halls, opera houses, centers for therapy through music, a public library and parks.


The main tower is connected to a public beach where restaurants are implemented alongside the shore. It is a green and self-sufficient project where electricity is generated by two means: solar panels during the day and movement mainly during the night.


Dancing, listening to music and enjoying nature represent peace; this project is a huge symbol for a peace much longed for. It offers hope for Lebanese and makes them aware of the environmental issues that their country faces ,allowing them to contribute to the preservation program embodied in our tower: “The Dancing Queen”.