Judge Ghanem Villa - Lebanon

The village of Baskinta is a charming authentic one that has its own architectural characteristics.

These old Lebanese features were included in our design with a modern twist embedded in the cube that embraces the northern view. It is used to unite and combine between the old and new generation, conserving tradition while introducing modernism. These two ways of living can be thus find in a complete harmony, as it is the case in our design.

We started working on the villa  in 2010, where all of the clients' requirements and objectives were met. Our goal was to provide them with a majestic home that reflects their grandiose personality and achievements for this country.

The blueprint of the villa is based on traditional Lebanese architecture with the use of arch windows, traditional materials, a pitched roof etc., respecting the surroundings and the traditions of the beautiful region of Baskinta.

Our main focus was to produce a relaxing and luxurious space, where the residents can take pleasure in the calming forest view while enjoying a sweet family time in the open spaces of the ground floor.

The villa is surrounded by a very big garden for endless and enjoyable receptions during cool summer nights and refreshing sunny days.

The project is currently under construction and will be finished in a couple of years.