River Promenade - Lebanon

As the green areas of Lebanon start diminishing, a desperate cry for help is being spread among the citizens of different cities. Antelias's municipality is one of the few that is listening to the growing protests, through the rehabilitation of its famous river.

Our design for this project was based on the infiltration of several green strips of well being inside the city in order to make it better. These strips start at the beginning of the river where an ancient monument is situated, and finish at the location of another ancient building, embracing its history.

We divided the space to several areas: green landscaping, a walkway for pedestrian and another one for bicycles. We created different levels in order to separate the different passages from each other, so every user can be free and enjoy his/her activity.

Pergolas were also added in order for the passers to sit and enjoy the site of the river, with its new trees, plants, flowers and fountains. We also included lighting all along the passages making the scenery more attractive because of their night reflections on the water.

All of these elements created an atmosphere for everyone to come and relax, enjoying a piece of nature in the heart of a crowded city, that is aiming for a better future.