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Night Club Top Roof - Lebanon

The nightclub is located on the rooftop of a skyscraper, and has a moveable roof made of a solid glass structure; which covers it during the winter and opens up during the summer. The most striking feature about this space is the main passage that leads the visitors from the entrance to the central oval bar located in the middle. The design of the passage is based on a pattern that creates the optical illusion of movement. This illusion makes the dancers and visitors feel like the whole floor is actually vibrating to the sound of the music.


Along with its unique design element, the rest of the night club is studied in a way to allow smooth circulation as well as an unobstructed view on the dance floor, next to the DJ booth and the bar; no matter where the visitors are standing.


The different level platforms that make this possible are designed in a way to create unique and special areas within this one giant club.